Free Web Icon Resources!

All webmasters want to make a functional and friendly website. Much of the time, good icons can help in this. These are some of the best free icons we found from around the web. Feel free to comment and add your suggestions.

Created by Mark James, the icons available at FamFamFam are incredible. The Silk set contains more than 700 of the things. And… he takes requests!

The Tango Project is a bit different, but just as useful. “The Tango Desktop Project exists to create a consistent user experience for free and Open Source software with graphical user interfaces.” While it is focused mostly on desktop software, the icons created thus far as spectacular. Available as PNGs or in SVG form, the icons can be found in the Icon Gallery.

Next up are thirty-one pixel icons by ExplodingBoy. The download includes four different color sets. The icons are perfect for navigation and posting elements in blogs and forums, and could easily be made the perfect color with a simple hue tweak in Photoshop.

“The Drunkey Love iconset consists of over 100 16×16 icons in both GIF and PNG format.” A constantly updated set, these are mostly pixel icons. Well, they kind of have to be at 16×16, but that is besides the point. They match the Drunkey Love WordPress Theme to a T, which is always nice. Check back there every once and a while for updates.

GraphicPUSH has several great icon sets available, such as a set of RSS/XML icons, and a very good set for blogs and content management systems. There haven’t been any new sets posted in awhile, but what is there is great.

That wraps up this list of free web icon resources. Once again, please comment and add your suggestions.

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  1. Lorelle VanFossen on

    The word “icon” on the web has several meanings. I sure wish the webosphere would get its act together to denote which icon is which for what usage.

    There are icons known as “badges” which say “I’m a member or fan of X”, like, Technorati, or WordPress. Then there are the icons used as “button” which basically say “click here to do something” and the something is usually navigate or denote membership or fandom like a badge.

    Then there are icons which are small graphics used throughout a website, in its design or highlight graphic. They are called icons because they are small, but I classify them as graphics because they are used “graphically”. Oh, I’m getting so nitpicky, aren’t I? ;-)

    There are also icons which are used on computers to indicate a link or shortcut. We’ve all seen them for Word, Excel, WordPerfect, and PhotoShop. You labeled them right when you called them “Desktop Icons”. I think Oprah coined the phrase “click ’ems” to indicate that these particular links “do something when you click ’em”.

    While graphics used for each of these purposes can cross description, some are specifically designed for specific needs. For example, an icon known as a “favicon”, used on websites to indicate a logo next to the page title in a browser, needs to be a very specific size and shape, the smaller file size the better.

    Thanks for letting us know which icons do what for most of your list, but could you explain the rest so we understand which icons could be used for which?

    Oh, and I have a list, too, of Buttons, Bows, and Badges For Your Website, for those looking for even more resources. The list also includes websites with tools that help you make your own badges or buttons for your blog. That’s cool.

    Thanks for posting these. There are a bunch I haven’t heard of. I’ll add a link to your page in the comments for my own list to help others find more resources. Thanks!

  2. Mohammed Arif on

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    Keep it up and add some more resources.

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