How to stick it to the RIAA

We have all heard the horror stories of being sued by the RIAA. We all know that their crazy antics are making more enemies than friends.

So how can we, as consumers, really prove our point and stick it to them?

Here is how! (And it’s really quite simple…)

Stop buying CD’s in stores. Stop buying music from the iTunes Music Store. Stop paying $10 a month to Napster. Cancel any legit music service you use!

Buy your music from semi-legal services like AllOfMp3 which cost hardly anything. (you can download CD quality files at a rate of $.02 a meg. Yeah….)

Of course, this hurts the artist and they will stop singing (or yelling, if you are into that kind of music).

So go to their concerts, promote their concerts and convince others to go. Buy their merchandise to directly benefit them and now the spawn of satan recording companies. Send them a check even.

A mass acceptance of this approach really WOULD affect the way the recording industry works. Go and do your part.

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  1. Shadus on

    I sent cash (put card stock on each side– and remember its illegal to send money in the mail raw) to artists for years. Usually i would send a few dollars here and there when I considered a cd/tape/record I bought to be of very high quality (eg: no filler crap) I’d mail the band $5-10 just as a “thank you.” I’ve had some real good responses from bands in the past too, sometimes personal letters from members, signed things, etc… alot of bands are really cool (smaller bands especially). My logic at the time was why shouldn’t a band who puts out an entire cd of music I like be compensated a bit more than a band who puts out one song i like and the rest of the media is utter crap. Give it a try, the artists appreciate it generally.

    I think the real problem isn’t so much the RIAA in particular but the mindset at the companies like sony who think that all that matters is the bottom line… eventually that mentality will bite them in the ass.

    It already cost them at least $1,000 of my money… I’m not buying a PS3, even though they are different divisions it’s still the same parent. Shrug.

  2. third on

    I agree.

  3. tsprick on

    Its also an opportunity to check out some artists that dont have a major recording label, buying their CDs actually supports the artist, not the guy who owns them, and probably doesnt like their music anyway.

  4. wildolivebranch on

    Buying direct is good. CD Baby has a lot of good artists, if you’re not aware of it already.

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