Mint – Web Analytics

“Mint provides a fresh look at your site. It is concise, flexible and timely. And to sweeten the deal, this delicious little bundle of PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript joy is referrer-spam-proof.”

At a price of $30, most casual bloggers probably won’t be interested in Mint. But for those interested in getting instantly up-to-date analysis of their traffic, Mint is a great package. It may not be ready for extremely high traffic scenarios, but if you are reading this post, that probably isn’t you.

There is a compatability test to make sure that Mint will work on your server available. That is ALWAYS a nice gesture. But one of the most interesting parts of Mint are the Peppers. Peppers are 3rd part scripts that let you see more information in different ways within Mint. Things like FeedBurner trackers and combinations of Google Maps with ip addresses.

More information is available on

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