Legal videos for your new iPod!

So you’ve come out of Christmas with a beautiful iPod that just happens to play video. Now you just need some videos to play on it! If you’re a regular visitor you may have seen the post on ways to get video onto your iPod. It has a lot of information on conversion programs and sites offering torrents of videos and shows that may or may not be legal to download depending on your location in the world. (Go ahead and assume it’s illegal unless you are in France.)

But perhaps you aren’t the kind of person who breaks the law. You want some good sources for legal video content, and you want them to be easy. Well, we’ve got you covered!
“ is a new guide to the best video content available for the video iPod. Each week we’ll bring you our latest finds, handpicked from thousands of websites and RSS feeds, and categorized to make it easy to find something to suit your viewing tastes. Each has a “subscribe with iTunes” button that makes it simple to download videos and transfer them to your iPod.”

They also have an excellent list of other directories. We highly suggest you check it out, as we aren’t going to list sites from there, here. (at least that’s the plan).

Public Domain Torrents
Public Domain Torrents is an amazing site that has torrents of hundreds of public domain movies available in ready to play video iPod format. There’s not much more that can be said about this site, other than I hope you keep seeding your downloads from here when you have your video completed.

Free iPod Videos
“We provide a large database of quality videos that are completely free and 100% compatible with your iPod. Our site’s content for all videos is updated in real time via RSS feeds. As of now, there is no real standard for shows or videos being published on the web, but we only allow m4v videos.”

Video Blog Map
“ is an online resource which shows where participating vloggers are located around the world, along with links to key information about their video blogs. Anyone can submit info to to be listed on the map, as long as you run a video blog.”

Free iPod Movies
This is an interesting site, and we’re not entirely sure if that’s a good thing. It does have a lot of information, though it’s strangely organized. Scroll to the bottom of the main page and there are a lot of links to pod/vid casts and their respective feeds.

Those are some of the best we came across. If you have any suggestions, please comment. We will be making a new list as soon as we see an influx of legal iPod video sites. So hit us up with your input.

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  1. Ian Gray on

    I have been downloading a lot of iPod-compatible videos from ( They have a lot of public domain movies, including Night of the Living Dead and Reefer Madness.

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