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Legal videos for your new iPod!

So you’ve come out of Christmas with a beautiful iPod that just happens to play video. Now you just need some videos to play on it! If you’re a regular visitor you may have seen the post on ways to get video onto your iPod. It has a lot of information on conversion programs and sites offering torrents of videos and shows that may or may not be legal to download depending on your location in the world. (Go ahead and assume it’s illegal unless you are in France.)

But perhaps you aren’t the kind of person who breaks the law. You want some good sources for legal video content, and you want them to be easy. Well, we’ve got you covered!
“ is a new guide to the best video content available for the video iPod. Each week we’ll bring you our latest finds, handpicked from thousands of websites and RSS feeds, and categorized to make it easy to find something to suit your viewing tastes. Each has a “subscribe with iTunes” button that makes it simple to download videos and transfer them to your iPod.”

They also have an excellent list of other directories. We highly suggest you check it out, as we aren’t going to list sites from there, here. (at least that’s the plan).

Public Domain Torrents
Public Domain Torrents is an amazing site that has torrents of hundreds of public domain movies available in ready to play video iPod format. There’s not much more that can be said about this site, other than I hope you keep seeding your downloads from here when you have your video completed.

Free iPod Videos
“We provide a large database of quality videos that are completely free and 100% compatible with your iPod. Our site’s content for all videos is updated in real time via RSS feeds. As of now, there is no real standard for shows or videos being published on the web, but we only allow m4v videos.”

Video Blog Map
“ is an online resource which shows where participating vloggers are located around the world, along with links to key information about their video blogs. Anyone can submit info to to be listed on the map, as long as you run a video blog.”

Free iPod Movies
This is an interesting site, and we’re not entirely sure if that’s a good thing. It does have a lot of information, though it’s strangely organized. Scroll to the bottom of the main page and there are a lot of links to pod/vid casts and their respective feeds.

Those are some of the best we came across. If you have any suggestions, please comment. We will be making a new list as soon as we see an influx of legal iPod video sites. So hit us up with your input.

The Best Web Services Nobody Talks About

For some reason, there are lots of great web services that people just don’t seem to talk about. There is more to the net than just FeedBurner or Technorati. And while TechCrunch does a good job profiling new and exciting sites, even they miss out on a lot.

FeedDigest is loved by those who use it, as can be seen by the front page statistics of 18,00 users and 43,000 digests. What FeedDigest does is allow you to combine feeds (RSS or Atom) into one feed, and manage it from there. You can organize the contents in different ways and such, but the main purpose is to output a digest, as they call it, onto a website. They allow output in HTML, JavaScript, WAP or PHP. All around good stuff.

From the Pingoat site: “Pingoat is a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated and hence, they crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents, thus increasing your blog’s popularity.” That’s a pretty perfect explanation. Pingoat also has an XML-RPC server for auto pinging from your favorite blogging package. (It’s too bad that doesn’t allow us to do that. It’s in the stand alone version from, but not enabled here. Luckily, I use FeedBurner for RSS feed tracking, and it has a similar service called PingShot.) Pingoat also has a companion project: SplogSpot. An obvious play on BlogSpot, the free blog and splog epicenter of the world, SplogSpot is a database of splogs. It gathers its data from Pingoat when sploggers attempt to use the service in order to spread their vile fluff. It has an open API so that any developer may use the information, and is searchable through the website. Both Pingoat and SplogSpot are excellent services that definitely need to see more publicity.

TalkDigger allows you to follow or track a URL around the web. It’s fairly simple. You enter the url to a blog post, new article, or whatever, and hit “Dig it!” TalkDigger then searches nine difference blog search engines and to show you who is linking to that URL. You would assume that the posts that are linking to what you entered are talking about the content of the link. You then have to hope that what they have to say is meaningful enough for you to care. Honestly, a lot of the time, it isn’t. But that’s besides the point. TalkDigger is great in that it allows you to track your own blog posts to see if your message is getting out there. There is also the ability to track the search results using an RSS feed you can subscribe to, located here. Try linking to this post and we will show the results later. TalkDigger is almost as useful as Pingoat, just in a different way. One allows you to get your content out there, while the other lets you track it once it is.

That wraps up this post. There will probably be a part two on this subject in the coming days/weeks. If you have any suggestions for extremely useful web services that you think others may not know about, please comment and let us know.

Ultimate Video iPod Resources

Since the release of the much anticipated Video iPod, the actual task of getting video on to the damned thing has been tricky. There are different codecs and resolutions that the iPod may or may not support (the limits are being pushed in both of these areas), so it may not be as easy as you think.

Hopefully, this list will help you out in this regard and make your video iPod experience a pleasant one.

Downloads in iPod compatible formats
One of the easiest ways of getting video on your iPod is to download it in already compatible forms. We suggest the following for this solution: – iPod Search – iPod Search – iPod Search

But what if you want to convert your existing videos to a format that is playable on the iPod? More and more software is emerging to handle this task. For now, there are just a few reliable apps out there.

Mac OS X
iSquint seems to be the best solution for conversion on the Mac OS X side of things. Not only does it have a great name, but it converts very quickly and is extremely easy to use. Oh, and did we mention it is free? If not, here we go: it’s free. The creator, Tyler Loch, has been working on it a ton. He is very active in the support forums and helps resolves any issues that come up with the app.

Amazingly, Tyler has also created the best DVD to iPod software for the Mac as well. HandBrake Lite requires only two clicks to convert a DVD to an iPod compatible format. It lacks in advance features and settings currently, but makes up for it in ease of use. Both iSquint and HandBrake Lite are still under development so check back to often for updates.

Mind you, there are other solutions for these conversions. Podner seems to work quite well, but runs $10.

On the Windows side of things, there are more (and more confusing) options.

The most trusted program seems to be theVideora iPod Converter. It’s free, fast, and has plenty of options. We’ve used it and it works like a charm. But there are other options.

Divx-Digest has an easy to follow article on using the 3GP Converter to make iPod safe videos. This seems to be a fairly easy solution.

There is also a solution by InterVideo called iVideoToGo. Although it costs $30, there is a free trial so you can test it out.

I haven’t found an easy to use application for converting DVDs to iPod compatible videos yet. But for those of you with a bit of cash ($20), XCopyPod seems very promising. They don’t have a trial to test out, so I suggest you look around for reviews on the product.

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the video iPod, but for those of you running iPod Linux on your Nano, there is a very beta Easy iPod Linux Video Converter available. Currently in version .6 it seems to be a pretty straight forward way to get iPod formated videos for your Nano made quickly.

Obviously this isn’t an all inclusive list, but it should give you everything you need to get video on your new iPod. If you have any suggestions or comments please go ahead and leave them. We will edit the post with any new information you provide us with.